Friday, September 17, 2010


Oh my gosh time is passing so fast!
Here are a few things this little angel is so good at doing:
* Can take 4-5 steps on her own, but cruises EVERYWHERE if someone will hold onto her
*Walked around saying "Guk, kak-kak" translation "Duck! Quack, quack!" yesterday after a visit to the Ftn City Duck Pond--too cute!
*Signs for milk when she wants some
*Points to her toes, nose, mouth, head when you ask
*Recognizes the words "dog, cat, wave, toes"
*Says mama, dada, ball, baby, bye-bye, and many other unrecognized words haha!
*Has the most infectious and beautiful laugh I have ever heard! :)
*LOVES table food and will rarely let us feed her! She loves to feed herself- what a big girl!

She is so smart and sweet! I love her so much!

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