Monday, January 2, 2012

Mason updates

Ok- so much happens in such a short time! Mason is rolling over back to front when he wants something. now he rolls both ways! He will be crawling soon! Amazing. He is squealing so much too. I will try and upload that video. He is a very sweet baby.
Mason has some hard time with his bowels. I really hate that for him. Starting solids did not help him sleep any better and it has totally stopped up his pipes. It will be a week before he will go and that is with several interventions by me. I suppose his body was just not ready for solids. It is tough getting up so often with him at night, but at the same time, I seem to be adjusting well, because I am really not exhausted until around 8pm. Plus I nap with them--very helpful. He is very easy to play with and he and Bri love each other so much.
Bridgette is just too cute. She says so many funny things. She is so grown up some times, then at the same time, so little

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