Sunday, December 9, 2012

New York Baby!!

Travis and I went on a trip together to NYC to have some adult-only fun :) We had a terrific trip!
We arrived early Tues morning and walked around different areas of NYC, starting in Greenwich Village, the Fashion District, and ending up in Times Square. We had dinner at Del Friscos at Rockafeller center, and saw the beautiful tree. Dinner was terrific, then we went to see A Christmas Story on Broadway, which was the most unbelievable show I have ever seen. It was absolutely hilarious and engaging with incredible acting and dancing, especially the young cast members. Travis and I were blown away by the musical and definitely recommend it.
The next morning, we went shopping on 5th and then went to the Russian Tea Room and had an authentic Russian meal. Personally I think it has seen better years. Then we visited Trav's Mecca- THE apple store. AMazing. :)
Then we checked off one from our bucket list: biking in Central Park. It wasn't very cold--we had a really good time. We were ready for a nap after haha. We went to dinner in Little Italy at Angelos and it was the best meal we had! It was incredible. Packed full of Italians...loud, boisterous, drunk Italians :).
Our last day we hit up American Natural History Museum and the dinosaur skeletons! :) Really cool exhibits. We went to NY Public Library- possibly the nicest building we went in. Afterwards, we met Trav's cousin Tim for coffee and dessert. It was so nice to meet him and talk to a NY native. :)
We had a tough journey home and were so weary when we finally hit our bed. We missed our kids so terribly much and it was so wonderful to be home with them. It was a terrific trip!

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