Friday, January 25, 2013

Grandmoms 80th birthday

My grandmother Pat Sparks turned 80 this last week, and we celebrated with all the family! Who would ever guess she is 80? At Dollywood she runs circles around the rest of us. She works out every day, grows a lot of their food (with Granddad's help of course), and is frugal to a fault. She is in terrific shape and I am just amazed by her wit, strength, and determination. She is a light to us and such a joy. We had so much fun at the party! Malerie even got to come in (although her plane was delayed...and that is a different story!). Grandmom told me that she felt so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family and that just seeing everyone made her day.
In true Grandmom fashion, she baked her own cake...because no one else can do it as well as why shouldn't she? ;) and who are we was terrific!
Bridgette and Mason loved on her, and Bridgette had made her TWO cards! She was determined to make her feel loved and special. 

It was a great time and I am so thankful to be blessed with my grandparents. I have been fortunate to know them all and still have 3 terrific ones left.

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  1. Bridgette has gotten so long! Doesn't it seem like they've gone from brand new to little kid in about 30 seconds?