Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 months old!! WOW!

Ok so time is FLYING by! I cannot believe it!
Stuff she can do now:
Sit supported
Stand indefinitely with support
Bite anything and everything in site...teething?? HUM??
Put her own paci in her mouth :)
Play alone for extended periods of time. She loves her bouncer/exersaucer.
Smiles all the time and in response to a smile
Turns toward me when I say her name
Has tremendous separation anxiety from mommy and daddy
Melts her daddy...oh wait- she's been doing that! :)
Plays with her feet
Follows along when I read- she really acts engrossed in books
Wins a stare down with Rosie haha- Rosie doesn't know what to think
Her favorite toy is Tad the Singing Frog :)
I am pretty much the happiest mommy alive!

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