Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charleston visit

We had the most wonderful trip to Charleston! Bridgette did not fuss for the entire trip down or back--7+ hrs each way! She loved being out in the sunshine and seeing all the sights. She did very well in her stroller. She didn't like being out late, however--she voiced her opinion LOUDLY to everyone. So, the third night, we caught on and put her to bed on time, and she slept the best she has ever slept!! :)
It was great to spend time with family--Weston, Tessa, Malerie, Robert, Dad, Diane, Brenda, Rob, and Cynthia all gathered for the festivities! Grand Tasting Food and Wine was a huge hit! We loved the different offerings. Bridgette made lots of friends everywhere we went, and charmed all the boys haha.
She is sitting up for a little bit at a time, holding her own bottle (boo), and smiling A TON!! However, she is very much a mommy's girl and screams when I am not holding her. I hear this is normal, but GOSH it seems awfully early!! I apologize to all who love her and want to play with her--wear your ear plugs haha!
Here are a few pics...

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