Sunday, October 30, 2011

the aquarium :)

We spent a fantastic afternoon at the aquarium! I loved it, and Bridgette really loved it! :) Mason followed the jellyfish around. It was amazing how much he could see and follow. Mimi Kay went with us and played. Bridgette really was amazed by the sharks. Afterwards we went to eat at Best Italian...YUM.
I love this time of year, when the air is crisp, the leaves are gorgeous, the sun is shining. The best time of year brings the best holidays of the year! Yay Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!
Mason is smiling and cooing so much. He picks up his head and follows voices, especially mine. He is getting really good at nursing (finally) and sleeping 5-7 hours still at night, then another 2-3. It's very nice.I love my little babies.
Travis and I had a great date night at Market Square. We have so much fun together and it was much needed. :)
Last, my little Halloween pumpkins got dressed up to trick-or-treat, and Mommy got the day wrong haha (we were going to a church function and got the day wrong). So we dressed up, drove to Newport, got treats by our Buda/Sparks family, then came back home. Here are some pics of my little Minnie mouse and Buzz Lightyear. I would have assumed that a 3-6 mo costume would fit a 2.5 month old...but it was a tight little muscle shirt. WHOOPS.
Last, Bridgette decided that she was "fart" ("Smart") and I caught it on tape. HILARIOUS.

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