Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

We went today for the newborn photo shoot at Megan Parker Photography. She was a perfect angel...for the most part! haha
She peed on daddy twice! :) She likes to challenge him! But most of the shoot she was perfectly still and beautiful. If you want to watch for the pictures, the website is:
I cannot wait to see them all!!
My friend Kim Carpenter is coming today to visit Bridgette, and Tara Dempster came last night to view our little one. She is very popular, although we are restricting the amount of visitors now, since the flu is getting pretty bad again. Bri and I will resurface in about 6 months hahaha.
Daddy has been busy running errands, cleaning, and finishing projects around the house. He takes such good care of us! :) He loves his little daughter so much. It is so heartwarming to see him with her.
My recovery is going very well. I hope to be able to drive soon. I will have my check up on Monday. Bridgette sees the doctor again for a weight check tomorrow!!

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